Password and basic security is extremely important on the internet. Malicious hackers are now looking for any way possible to get into your private accounts, rather to steal money, products or your identity, follow the quick tips in this article to protect yourself in Cyber Space.


A VPN or Virtual private network is a service which is usually paid for monthly which hides your IP Address, which is like a unique identifier for your internet connection and replaces it with one of the companies IP addresses, this is beneficial for you as it stops companies being able to identify who you are and it helps with accessing region locked content. VPN’s also help stop people intercepting your internet access and stealing things such as credit cards and passwords as they’re sent to the website your accessing! This is only applicable to public wifi hotspots.

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I cannot stress enough the importance of changing the factory set passwords in devices such as Routers, Thermostats and other devices which connect to the internet. In November of 2016, a bug was released which allowed hackers to externally connect to devices such as routers, fridges and any appliances which connect to the internet, This bug was used to launch one of the largest denial of service attacks which was ever recorded, Sites such as Soundcloud, Paypal and Spotify got completely knocked offline for the majority of the USA and EU for multiple hours. It is extremely important to change factory set passwords.

Password Security

Many companies are now getting hacked and having their passwords leaked onto the internet. Cyber Criminals are using these lists to hack into accounts and steal personal information! You however, can combat this!

Please stop using easy to guess passwords such as “Password123” or “James1999”. These passwords are easy to guess and you’re just asking to be hacked, try changing it up a bit, for example if your password is currently “Password123”, use something like “Pa$$w0rd123”, this is a lot more secure than the original password and isn’t harder to remember!

Most services today allow for 2 factor authentication. This is where you must confirm your identity when logging into a new computer or device, this usually comes as a code to your phone as a text message, however other alternatives are available, such as Google Authenticator or Yubi Keys. A Yubi-Key is a USB device which you plug into your computer every time you need to login to the service, sort of like a house key, you can get one from the link at the bottom of the article.

You may now be thinking that you don’t need this, however do you really want someone else you don’t know, having access to your private conversations, emails, and credit cards?


LassPass is a password and note “vault” which stores your passwords and provides them to you once you need to use them. It can suggest passwords for services where you may have insecure passwords, it can also generate passwords for services you are signing up for and then stores them in the vault. The vault is fully encrypted and can be unlocked with a password, authenticator (such as google authenticator) and a yubi-key. It also has iPhone and Android apps so your passwords can be taken with you anywhere.